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It is widely accepted that we areexposed to many environmental toxins, including chemicals, pesticide, and morein our water and food. These toxins have been linked to many diseases andchronic conditions. It is important to understand that these effects can impactour lives in a negative manner.   

In the spirit that is Theresa of TeeterMassage, she is concerned about this and so continually strives to learn andextend her knowledge base so she can better serve her clients. To this end, sheis excited to introduce the BioMat.

What is the BioMat?

The BioMat is a “pad” that is placed ona massage table. It is an FDA licensed medical device that is designed todeliver healing and therapeutic benefits.

How does the BioMat work?

The BioMat was developed in 1996 by agroup of scientists, engineers, and medical professionals. It uses Amethyst Quartzchannels to transfer Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and negative ions throughout thesurface of the BioMat which in turn deliver these components to the body.

The FIR gently “massage” molecules. Thismovement causes heat and warms the body from the inside out. The negative ions workto remove toxins from the body. In addition, these components work toregenerate damaged cells.

What are the benefits of BioMat Therapy?

The benefits from the resulting detoxificationof the FIR and negative ions are potentially numerous. BioMat therapy can beused to treat 

  • ·       chronic neck/back pain,
  • ·       circulation issues,
  • ·       arthritis,
  • ·       swelling and inflammation,
  • ·       stress,
  • ·       sleep problems,
  • ·       bronchitis,
  • ·       allergy symptoms,
  • ·       migraine headaches,
  • ·       and more. 

Teeter Massage and the BioMat

Theresa is excited to incorporate theBioMat into her massage therapies. Many of her clients have noted the benefitsthey are experiencing. Theresa welcomes you to read further and learn moreabout the BioMat and its many advantages. Call 850-508-3562 and schedule anappointment so you can personally experience the ultimate combination ofTheresa’s expert massages with the BioMat.