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Theresa is a skilled and experienced massage therapist who began her career in 1996. She attended and graduated from the Core Institute Massage School in Tallahassee and then became a therapist there for seven years. During this successful period, Theresa became the massage instructor for the Core Institute’s Community Outreach program.

While Theresa was at the Core Institute, she taught a technique called Seated Massage. In addition, her experience includes working with the British Olympic team during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. She worked with a local chiropractor for several years in Tallahassee before beginning her own business. 

Since 2000, Theresa has also worked at Westminster where her clients receive seated massages.  Plus, she visits nursing homes and often does massages combined with reflexology.

Theresa offers a variety of massages. She is trained in medical/neuro-muscular (muscle-specific) massage. She is certified in pregnancy and sports massage. She also provides Swedish, deep tissue, as well as relaxation massages. She has recently begun using the Raindrop Technique which incorporates essential oils.

Continuing education is an important part of Theresa’s profession. Theresa has gone on to become a registered reflexologist, which is a type of massage applied to the hands and feet.

Theresa firmly believes in listening to you and customizing the massage to your needs. She creates a stress-free environment which enhances the massage. She will come to your home or you may come to her office. Theresa is aBlue Cross/Blue Shield provider.